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Time for change

As perennial rocker David Bowie once wrote in the song Changes “Time may change me, but I can’t trace time”. And so we all arrive - hopefully healthy and optimistic - into the year 2011 facing the ever evolving changes that make up our lives. The last few years and particularly 2010 have seen numerous changes in nearly all areas of our lives though already some of these changes feel like little more than the same old thing dressed up anew. We could give you a quote from the Who’s Baba O’Reilly but you’ve likely already thought of it... (Must have had St. Patrick’s Day on the mind - should have referenced Won’t Get Fooled Again NOT Baba O’Reilly...)

This past year has seen health problems appear and then become (mostly) resolved, a relocation complete with all the chaos such a move entails, loss of a family member at way too young an age, political unrest across the country and the attendant demonstrations, and the threats of disasters from both Mother Nature and man sadly reminiscent of decades long gone. Despite all this 2011 shows signs of being the dawn of new hopes and long strides forward at many levels.

And so it is with this website and blog. As it has grown and aged there has been the gnawing feeling that change was needed but little subjective data as to which direction to take. After much thought and a great deal of research and test revisions we are ready to embrace those changes.

Some of our projects have been temporarily suspended though all will continue to move forward. New projects are in the works and we hope to get them up and running shortly.

We have recently ended a two year relationship with a popular image site and during the coming weeks we hope to be transitioning our photo galleries directly into this web site along with adding new and recent images. We will be setting up a way for interested readers to buy copies of our images or to license them for editorial purposes.