Green Recognition Event, Hood College Senior Art Exhibit

Rewarding Green efforts, Hood College Senior Art Exhibit

Working Towards a Better Tomorrow :

Wednesday March 27, 2013 was an evening to celebrate for the numerous Frederick countians who have chosen to make environmentally positive changes to their lifestyle.

The Mainline Gravy Soppers perform.

The Frederick County Office of Sustainability hosted the Green Homes Challenge Recognition event in the unique Browning building at Pinecliff Park. A lively evening included refreshments, great live music by The Mainline Gravy Soppers string band - you can also find them here on FaceBook., and drawings for the many nice prizes donated.

The “standing room only” crowd heard presentations and brief talks from a number of the Frederick County and City officials present along with success stories and the introduction of new programs by members of the Office of Sustainability.

Shannon Moore - Office of Sustainability and County Commissioner Kirby Delauter

County Commissioner David Gray

County Commissioner David Gray

Frederick Alderman Shelley Aloi

Frederick Alderman Shelley Aloi

Frederick Office of Sustainability - Sabrina Harder, Frederick City Mayor Randy McClement

Sabrina Harder - Office of Sustainability,
Frederick City Mayor Randy McClement

Frederick Office of Sustainability - Lisa Orr, Myersville Mayor Wayne Creadick

Lisa Orr - Office of Sustainability and Myersville Mayor Wayne Creadick

A particularly interesting bit of information brought out by one of the speakers was the fact that there are now 850 households involved in one or all of the steps of the Green Homes Challenge. The speaker pointed out this compares quite favorably to the potential construction of an estimated 800+ new homes coming to Frederick County in the near future and goes a long way to help offset their environmental impact.

The evening ended with a random drawing of names from among the Challenge participants (a number of them Frederick County or City Representatives) and a chance to pick a prize from among the many great items donated as well as a “photo booth” in one end of the room for participants to have their photo taken while showing their attained level of participation.

Don Frame picks a name while Sabrina Harder looks on
Don Frame picks a name while Sabrina Harder and Michael
Dickson (Seeds of Life Nursery) look on.

Looking over the available prizes

Looking over the available prizes

Ron Roos

Rich Maranto Frederick Alderman Karen Young

Frederick County commissioner David Gray
Proud Homeowners display their levels of accomplishment in the impromptu “Photo Booth”. Included are Frederick City Alderman Karen Young (above right) Frederick County Commissioner David Gray (left) and Frederick City Alderman Shelley Aloi (below).
Frederick Alderman Shelley Aloi

Overall the evening was quite enjoyable with an opportunity to network with other participants in the Green Homes Challenge, discussing what works best,
finding out about new and innovative programs being created by the Frederick County Office of Sustainability and listening to some good music. Outside the sounds of spring peepers could be heard throughout the woods - proof spring is finally coming to our area! It couldn’t have been a better spring evening in Frederick County...

A Celebration on another note :

Connie Harris, photography, Hood college

John West Martin, pottery, Hood College

Congratulations to Ms. Connie Harris (photography) and John West Martin (pottery) for a well attended exhibit opening and reception as part of the
Hood College Senior Class Art Exhibits. Each of them spoke about the ideas, influences, and inspiration behind their works and answered questions from those in attendance about specific pieces.

All photographs © Russell C. Poole