Nov 2011

Catching Up! - Frosty Friday, Pillars of Frederick book signing,

Frosty Friday has come and gone once again and judging by the number of folks on Market Street appears to have been a success. The annual event brings many people from the surrounding region into downtown Frederick just as the town appears in it’s most festive dress. While there was a chill in the air it was the perfect evening to enjoy the sights and sounds of the town.
Jen Dobbins, The Grinch, Frosty Friday, Frederick, Maryland

The Grinch steals the limelight from Jen Dobbins of the Frederick Arts Council

The Cultural Arts Center again hosted the Artists Market featuring many of our local area Artists. The event was visited by Frosty the Snowman, the infamous Grinch, and a wandering group of carolers singing songs of the season.

Christmas Carolers, Frosty Friday Carolers serenade visitors to the Cultural Arts Center on Frosty Friday

On Tuesday December 13, 2011 the Cultural Arts Center hosted a multi-author book signing party for The Pillars of Frederick project. Conceived and illustrated by area Artist Yemi the book features brief vignettes of the Fredericktonians pictured in the book by local writers, historians, and dignitaries. The event included most of the authors of the brief vignettes accompanying the individual art works. You can stop by and see the original paintings as they have been installed on the back of the McCutcheons building facing East Street.
Pillars of Frederick paintings, Yemi

Artist Yemi
Yemi with copies of Pillars of Frederick and samples of his other artwork.

Frances Randall, John Ashbury, Pillars of Frederick, Frances Ann Delaplaine Randall and John W. Ashbury

Marlene B. Young, Joy Hall Onley, Pillars of Frederick, Marlene B. Young and Joy Hall Onley

John Saltik, Belva Bowie King, Pillars of Frederick,
John Saltrik and a customer look on while Belva Bowie King signs a copy of Pillars of Frederick.

Liz Shatto, Joy Reese Derr, John Fieseler, Pillars of Frederick,
Liz Shatto and Joy Reese Derr look on as John Fieseler signs a book.

Elizabeth Scott Shatto, Pillars of Frederick, Elizabeth Scott Schatto.

Shuan Butcher, Executive Director, Frederick Arts Council, Pillars of Frederick,
Shuan Butcher - Executive Director of the Frederick Arts Council handles book sales.

The Honorable Beverly B. Byron, Fran Baker, Pillars of Frederick,
The Honorable Beverly B. Byron and Fran Baker.

Check back soon, we’ll be providing an update on our experiences with our geothermal installation in the very near future.

Artomatic, 2011 Arts Hall of Fame inductees, Geothermal update,

The plaque honoring the 2011 inductees into the Frederick Arts Hall of Fame was unveiled on November 5th by Shuan Butcher - Executive Director or the Frederick Arts Council. A number of the inductees or representatives were on hand for the event.
Frederick Arts Council, Arts Hall of Fame,

Joy Ellis-Footlights - honoring Claire McCardell, Russell Beaton - recipient, Shuan Butcher - Executive Director of FAC.

Frederick Arts Council, Arts Hall of Fame,

Karen Waters, wife of the late Thomas Waters and Shuan Butcher - Executive Director of FAC.

In another part of town the last days of the Frederick Artomatic event seemed to be a great success. When we were there the building was packed with the crowds of First Saturday visitors trying to follow the brochure to locate all of the individual exhibits tucked away within the old Board of Education building. Over 300 Artists participated in the event. Artist Don Dunsmore is pictured (along with Artist Jennifer Butt) in front of his photography exhibit and Jennifer (Idle Hands Art) is pictured in front of her own work in her nearby exhibit.
Jennifer Butt, Don Dunsmore, Artomatic Frederick, 2011 Jennifer Butt, Artomatic Frederick, 2011

On yet another front, the changeover to geothermal has been progressing despite some rain and cold working temperatures for the well drilling crew. The installation should be completed and running completely on geothermal before Thursday’s Thanksgiving holiday. We’ll post at a later time to let you know how it all works out.
oil furnace, geothermal installation, green technology, oil furnace, geothermal installation, green technology,
The partially disassembled (and ancient!) oil guzzling furnace still in place.

oil furnace, geothermal installation, green technology,oil furnace, geothermal installation, green technology,
The partially disassembled furnace ready for removal and the yet to be removed oil storage tank.

geothermal furnace, geothermal installation, green technology, Geothermal well drilling, geothermal installation, green technology,
The partially installed geothermal furnace & A/C unit. 007 is on the job!

Geothermal well drilling, geothermal installation, green technology, Geothermal well drilling, geothermal installation, green technology,
Either the house is smaller than we thought or that’s a BIG truck!? Well drilling
in progress.

Geothermal well drilling, geothermal installation, green technology, Geothermal well drilling, geothermal installation, green technology, erosion - silt control,

Pumping the grout into the well and around the new geothermal tubing. The finished wells awaiting connection through the foundation wall and to the geothermal furnace.

Aside from yard cleanup, trenching to connect the wells, and running the tubing through the existing foundation wall there are only a few more minor installation procedures and the system will be completed.

All photos © Russell C. Poole

Coming Changes

Sadly this year has seen the loss of yet another family member, a reminder we are all getting older with each day passing. Do what you love and don’t take a single day for granted.

Well markers, geothermal drill site, MD,

Change is coming, due to the upcoming installation of a geothermal heating system to replace our ancient and woefully inefficient oil furnace and A/C systems, along with a reduced dependency on fossil fuel for heating and cooling. Just as obvious is the changing of seasons here in central Maryland. The pages of yet another year continue to turn. A few more of the obvious indicators we’ve seen are posted below.

Orange flags mark the spots where geothermal wells will be dug.

Fall foliage, maple tree, shed, blue sky, thurmont, MD,

Fall is certainly in the air. Looking out at the “
back 40” (it only seems that big when you’re mowing it!) the colors of fall are becoming pronounced. Hard to believe it was only one week ago today we were being hit with an October snowstorm and sub-freezing temperatures.

American Goldfinch, immature, Maryland,

Only a few days before the snows we had this young Goldfinch sitting on the deck railing near the birdbath flapping his wings and squawking for someone to feed him. He sat still long enough to shoot a few images and then flew to the nearby feeder and proceeded to feed himself after realizing the adult birds weren’t paying attention to him...

flowers, Dahlia, Maryland flowers, Dahlia, Maryland

Meanwhile the Dahlias were in full display as a last defiant gesture against the coming cold.

Thurmont Maryland ColorFest, 2011
And earlier in October thousands of people turned out to enjoy the great weather and explore the hundreds of vendors booths at the annual Thurmont ColorFest.

All photographs © Russell C. Poole