Aug 2012

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Rosemary Watson, Will a Casino degrade Rocky Gap?

Rosemary Watson, Artist, Frederick, MD
Rosemary Watson

During late July 2012 the Frederick County Art Association and the Frederick arts community in general lost a good friend with the death of Ms. Rosemary Watson. We never saw Rosemary that she didn’t have a smile and a light hearted joy of life despite fighting back against the cancer that ultimately ended her life. A wonderful artist and a dear friend, she will be missed. From the Roanoke, VA area Rosemary will be buried there. A Frederick area memorial service for Rosemary will be held 3:00 P.M. on August 17, 2012 at the Delaplaine Arts Center located at 40 South Carroll Frederick MD.

Rosemary Watson, Artist, Frederick, MD
Rosemary Watson (right) shares a laugh with friends during her 2009 exhibit at the Blanche Ames Gallery of the Frederick Unitarian Church.

Rocky Gap State Park

On another disappointing note we recently noticed the Rocky Gap Resort hotel located in Rocky Gap
State Park near Cumberland, MD has been sold to a private company for conversion to a gambling casino. This is not a judgement about whether people should gamble or not but does raise questions about the future of the surrounding area and whether this will become as much of a non-starter for economic development of the area as the hotel itself has been.

While researching & writing my book about the National Road I traveled past the casinos located along the road in western Illinois. There was an obvious deterioration of the communities around the casinos and the disparity between the flaunted wealth in the casino parking lots and the near poverty levels in the surrounding community were an indication the wealth coming into the casinos wasn’t being distributed back into the community. I have to wonder how a casino at Rocky Gap will impact the remaining portion of the State Park, owned by the taxpayers, and the surrounding areas especially since the money coming into the casino will go largely to the owners with a lesser amount going to Maryland’s General Fund though in light of recent legislative concessions to the industry it seems that will be in ever decreasing amounts...